Idaho Safe and Vault Number


If you want the best of the best, the Heritage Ultimate series is what you’re looking for. Our premium line, these safes incorporate all the features of our Legacy series, plus thicker steel, greater weight, larger bolts, and enhanced fire protection.
Our Centennial series safes offer a great value. The security and fire protection are equal or superior to industry standard, while the graphics and finish are more elegant than you will find in other budget safes – or even in other manufacturer’s premium lines.
Protecting your valuables from fire damage is just as important as protecting them from theft. Our revolutionary design of multiple layers of fireboard, dead-air space, and state-of-the-art welding techniques has raised the bar in fire protection. Our safes have been tested and certified in independent scientific testing facilities, passing the rigorous fire-endurance testing with flying colors.



We have Idaho’s largest and best selection of spices, sauces, and rubs.  We offer our own unique blends we call Gourmet Grills Select and also the bests from all over the country!

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We have ALL the BBQ tools and accessories you could ever need and even the ones you don’t know you need! Come check out our incredible selection of things that will make your BBQ experience even better.

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Our very own Gourmet Grills Select brand of premium all natural hardwood BBQ pellets are guaranteed and formulated for all pellet grill brands.  Gourmet Blend, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Alder, and Cherry and at the best price in the valley!

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